Valentines Day

Do you have a special someone whom you are celebrating this day with?  A girlfriend or boyfriend, a spouse, or maybe even a best friend?  Chances are many of you will exchange gifts, or cards, or candy and many of those items will contain the age old symbol of love the heart…
Did you know that the origin of the heart symbol that we know today is widely believed to be two human hearts sewn together.

Even though we attribute all things emotion to the heart, it’s really the brain that makes us feel all these emotions, the ups and downs.. the sugars highs, the feeling of butterflies in your chest all should really should be attributed to the brain. Maybe we should be saying I brain you

Many odd holiday alternatives have been sprung off Valentines day by singles and couples alike who don’t want to see the public days of affection, don’t want their own single status reinforced, or simply don’t feel it neccessary titles such as “singles awareness day” are quiet popular among young people

However you spend your Valentines day, be sure you don’t over-think it. Enjoy the time with your partner, or whomever you are spending your special day with, and don’t get caught up with what to get… less you may wind up like these two…

The worst resolution to the Valentine Prisoner\

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