Why Website Design is so Important

This post originally appeared on Think Forward Media. You might be putting a lot of thought into how you will promote your website online, but there is one thing that you need to tackle first — your website design. Many small business owners try to create a website themselves using one of the popular solutions on the market. While these websites make look good, they risk not showing up on Google, confusing customers about your message, or turning away potential customers. Your website is the face for your business, and many times the first and occasionally only contact point for …

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10 Reasons Everyone Should Learn To Code

Learn Computer Programming

For many people programming seems like something “nerds” might do, or something really advanced, and probably something they don’t have time for. But programming isn’t as difficult as one might think, and also has some unexpected beneficial consequences. Today I want to talk about the 10 reasons people should learn to code.

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