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    This post is going to be a multi-part series talking about the various aspects of building a workspace. We'll go through everything from your operating system, and software of choice all the way up to your desk and ergonomics considerations.

    A lot of programmers have different ideas about what the ideal workspace is, everything from what kind of desk (or even having a desk), the type of lighting, type of chair, and how many monitors one should have; and each of us will have our own radically different ideas for what those things should be. Ultimately in the case of the physical things you do to get your job done I think we can all agree that they should be comfortable, ergonomic, practical, and in terms of computing power and screen real estate sufficient to get the job done.

  • Today we celebrate earth day, a day where we as a community look for ways to help reduce our footprint and make the planet a better place for future generations. We all know and have heard countless ways to protect our planet, but many of us neglect a growing industry and problem that we face for years to come; The technology we use and love through energy, and electronic waste contributes heavily to our global footprint.

  • this is the first time I have played around with or tried to use amazon as my web hosting solution. The thing I find most attractive about the service, is the amount of control I have. I can freely change, and add software as I see fit, increase capacity, and space, shut down or spin up load balancing.

  • Rack Servers
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    As part of my job, and also as a freelance web developer, I am frequently using a variety of web hosts ranging from excellent, to barely adequate.  Unfortunately selecting a good web hosting isn't a matter of paying the right amount of money, or even reading reviews.  So in this post I want to outline some of the more critical things to consider when choosing a web host, and how to spot the bad apples.

  • It's official! Pyro Design is on a new system. Recently I migrated the entire blog onto a new server that was more feature rich and production worthy. As part of this move there were inevitable updates to the DNS entries to the domain, and some of you may have noticed some downtime.

  • Do you have a special someone whom you are celebrating this day with?  A girlfriend or boyfriend, a spouse, or maybe even a best friend?  Chances are many of you will exchange gifts, or cards, or candy and many of those items will contain the age old symbol of love the heart...
    Did you know that the origin of the heart symbol that we know today is widely believed to be two human hearts sewn together.