System Migration

It’s official! Pyro Design is on a new system. Recently I migrated the entire blog onto a new server that was more feature rich and production worthy. As part of this move there were inevitable updates to the DNS entries to the domain, and some of you may have noticed some downtime.

What’s coming for Pyro Design?

  • I have started a new project that should be pretty exciting that will link many of the provided services together into a single API I am hoping to have details soon!
  • has been migrated to the server as will soon be a full featured image gallery!
  • A brand new look and feel!
  • What about a new look?

    As part of the kickoff of a new server, I have been taking time to develop a whole new backend for the blog! That means new features, and a new look! You can all follow my progress over at github: feel free to send me any pull requests you have! I’ll review them all and take any good ones!

    Hopefully I’ll be up and blogging soon! Until then thanks for reading!

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