Building Your Workspace


This post is going to be a multi-part series talking about the various aspects of building a workspace. We’ll go through everything from your operating system, and software of choice all the way up to your desk and ergonomics considerations. A lot of programmers have different ideas about what the ideal workspace is, everything from what kind of desk (or even having a desk), the type of lighting, type of chair, and how many monitors one should have; and each of us will have our own radically different ideas for what those things should be. Ultimately in the case of …

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XP End of Life Podcast!

To follow up yesterday’s blog about the end of Windows XP support, we go in to a little more detail about what it means, what you can do about it, and why you really should do something about it. We cover low-cost to no-cost solutions that will keep you secure, if you’re one of the millions who still need to upgrade. Your browser, apparently, does not support html5 audio. Upgrade to a modern browser like Firefox or Chrome to view this content.

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Responsive Design, Fluid Thinking

Before I started working almost exclusively on the web, I was trained and practiced as a fairly traditional graphic designer. Now, by traditional I don’t mean anything like “old fashioned.” I’m generally very non-traditional: always trying to think outside the box, bend the rules, or push the envelope. What I’m referring to here is the fact that in graphic design, one thing has been abundantly constant, from the beginning of time until about a decade ago: Stuff didn’t move. Letters made of ink, once imprinted on a page, will not budge, no matter how much you scrub, poke or threaten. …

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Valentines Day

Do you have a special someone whom you are celebrating this day with?  A girlfriend or boyfriend, a spouse, or maybe even a best friend?  Chances are many of you will exchange gifts, or cards, or candy and many of those items will contain the age old symbol of love the heart…Did you know that the origin of the heart symbol that we know today is widely believed to be two human hearts sewn together.

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Not all p@$$w0rd$ are created Equal

I have had the opportunity recently to write a password strength testing tool. As part of my testing, I used some of my own passwords. Shockingly, against my own standards, my own passwords did not hold their own, coming in at around 35 percent. I decided to take this a step further and put a few pass sites to the test. My results were all over the place. Many accepted passwords that were virtually useless others took a bit more of a strict approach. In this article I give you an overview of some of the ones I tried DISCLAIMER: …

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When and How do I monitize my website?

Canadian Money, Currency, 5 dollar bill, quarters, small change

When you create any new website, having that website pay for itself, or better still turn a profit is both a practical and even necessary goal.  But how and when do you monetize your website and what strategy should you use? In this post I will explore various options that you can take to monetize your website, the pros and cons for each option and when you should implement them.

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