Bronie: A name typically given to the male viewers/fans (whether they are straight, gay, bisexual.ect.) of the My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic show or franchise. They typically do not give in to the hype that males are not allowed to enjoy things that may be intended for females.

I must admit when i first learned about Bronies I was concerned. On a regular basis I attend a local convention Anime North, I’m no stranger to men in womens costumes but I was not expecting what I saw “Why is that guy dressed like that? What anime is that from?”

Bronie! Guys that like a little girls show. “Thats not normal they must be watching it for a gross reason, EWWWW! What’s wrong with them?”

Then I watched the show,Not on purpose but it was on a channel I had put on for my kids, well my daughter loved it and it was cute. So it became a daily thing we’d snuggle and watch it and soon I fell in love too!

So I decided to re-think my feelings about Bronies and look into them. What I found out was startling, all  the hate towards them; the stereotyping was very hurtful and rude, and most importantly, it was wrong. Stereotyping is very common in everything race, religion, sexuality, gender and yes even fandom.

Some of the Bronie stereotypes include

  • No job

  • Gay

  • Pediphile

  • Man child

  • Immature

  • Virgin

  • Lives with parents

  • Outcast

  • Fatherless

Okay lets just clear some things up here!

No Job

Its really hard to be part of any fandom with no job.  Merchandise, conventions plus the travel and living costs are expensive therefore unless you were born a millionaire you need a job.


Does your sexuality really have anything to do with your hobbies? I’m pretty sure I’ve met straight Bronies but hey according to trolls I’m wrong and their girlfriends are just a cover up right? No just because a girl likes sports does not mean she is a lesbian it just means she likes sports, just because a man likes to cook does not mean he is gay just means he likes to cook!


Just because people watch a kids show or movie does not mean they like little kids. Most people that go to a childrens movie in the theaters are adults unaccompanied by a child. You can’t tell me you’ve never been channel surfing and saw something on from your childhood and stopped to watch it, ext thing you know you’ve watched the whole episode..

Man child

I have nothing for this one! What the heck is a “Man Child”?


Maturity is all on how you view it, being a “normal” teenager (stereotypical teen) means sneaking out, getting drunk, stoned and doing a lot of stupid stuff, socializing in an unhealthy environment full of peer pressure and bad decisions.  Most Bronies stick together and are very accepting of others.


Why does everything have to revolve around virginity? Some people just want to wait for the right person, and not all Bronies are virgins some of them have girlfriends or boyfriends, many of them do have common interests in the Brony community. Furthermore there are some Bronies with partners who aren’t Bronies themselves and are just fine with the other.

Lives with parents

How do “normal” people know where all Bronies live? Stalker much!


Bronies are very accepting people and a lively bunch, just because you haven’t seen them “fit in” with “normal” society does not mean they are outcasts, it just means they have their own group just like everyone else.


Being raised by a single mother may actually make you a better man in my opinion at least, and again how do “normal” people know this much about Bronies to know they all don’t have fathers?

So why are Bronies so hated?

Because they don’t fit into “normal” society, who cares? Why not let people be themselves?

Not all Bronies are sexualy attracted to the characters of My Little Pony, they make up a small percent of the Bronie community. Everyone sexualizes everything, and most don’t think of the characters as sexy, it’s all about the people dressed as them. If a man is turned on by woman in a sexy little red riding hood costume, it doesn’t mean he’s got the hots for little Red Riding Hood, it just means that the girl looks hot in the costume.

It’s just another fandom some people obsess over shows like dexter doesn’t mean they want to be serial killers.

people come together in all sorts of ways hobbies, likes, dislikes and yes even ponies socially accepted or anti-social togetherness people are just people.

I am a Brony and PROUD to be one. “Coming out of the stables” was one of the best things that I have done. I learned who my real friends were and was able to be myself.

Finding out some of those friend that I still had were also fans too, as well as finding new friends that shared the same interests.

To those who accepted me for me, thank you even if you’re not a fan but accepted me anyway. To those who did not, that’s alright cause as a Bronie I am forgiving and open to criticisms.

Yours Truly

Scruffy Scribbles.

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