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As part of my job, and also as a freelance web developer, I am frequently using a variety of web hosts ranging from excellent, to barely adequate.  Unfortunately selecting a good web hosting isn't a matter of paying the right amount of money, or even reading reviews.  So in this post I want to outline some of the more critical things to consider when choosing a web host, and how to spot the bad apples.

shield, protecting yourself

Recently web security has been a hot topic, and for good reason.  Edward Snowden leaked documents showing that the NSA was responsible for mass surveillance of foreign entities, and chances are that means you.  Other malicious parties also troll the web looking for vulnerabilities, in websites and trying to steal sensitive data. Although you may not control the websites which you use, you do control what you put on those websites. 

this is the first time I have played around with or tried to use amazon as my web hosting solution. The thing I find most attractive about the service, is the amount of control I have. I can freely change, and add software as I see fit, increase capacity, and space, shut down or spin up load balancing.