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Isn't being a programmer just coding? umm no programming is more then just typing statements or laying down code, it's more of an art, or a machine of many peices working together as one...

Do you have a special someone whom you are celebrating this day with?  A girlfriend or boyfriend, a spouse, or maybe even a best friend?  Chances are many of you will exchange gifts, or cards, or candy and many of those items will contain the age old symbol of love the heart...
Did you know that the origin of the heart symbol that we know today is widely believed to be two human hearts sewn together.

It's official! Pyro Design is on a new system. Recently I migrated the entire blog onto a new server that was more feature rich and production worthy. As part of this move there were inevitable updates to the DNS entries to the domain, and some of you may have noticed some downtime.

I have had the opportunity recently to write a password strength testing tool. As part of my testing, I used some of my own passwords. Shockingly, against my own standards, my own passwords did not hold their own, coming in at around 35 percent. I decided to take this a step further and put a few pass sites to the test. My results were all over the place. Many accepted passwords that were virtually useless others took a bit more of a strict approach. In this article I give you an overview of some of the ones I tried

DISCLAIMER: Aside from my own testing software, I can not guarantee that the passwords you enter on these websites are not being stored, also many of the sites my own included transmit your password in plain text. Please do not enter any passwords to sensitive information in these forms.

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Jeff Manning

When you create any new website, having that website pay for itself, or better still turn a profit is both a practical and even necessary goal.  But how and when do you monetize your website and what strategy should you use? In this post I will explore various options that you can take to monetize your website, the pros and cons for each option and when you should implement them.