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You're working on a new project, and the client asks for a new feature that wasn't in the original proposal, you add the feature, and a few months down the road the requirements have changed again, and the client decides that the feature just won't do.

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I recently started working with the Bootstrap framework and playing with other technologies such as JQuery.  Both of these technologies have been out for some time, and for much of it, I shrugged them off and continued working as I had always done, scratch HTML, CSS, and JS.

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When you start any new website, or want to promote an existing one, one of the most important things to consider is how you rank in the search engines. Search engine optimization, or SEO for short is the process by which designers, developers and webmasters make a website more appealing to a search engine, and make it appear higher for certain relevant search terms. In this post I'll talk about some of the dos and don'ts in SEO

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In the early days of the internet, finding a website, or relevant information was a tall order, you either needed to know the address of what you were looking for, or scouring on of the many spotty search engines of the day. Recognizing this issue Larry Page and Sergey Brin the founders of Google created a new and innovative search engine that used multiple metrics including link backs to determine what the most useful information was to people.


Most people when the browse the web believe they are aware of the information they are giving away on the web; and these people are mostly wrong.  Although for the most part, browsing the web casually is a harmless affair and the details that you give out our benign, being aware of exactly what and how you are giving out your personal information and what you can do to stop it will make you a smarter, safer surfer.  As an added bonus you'll get less spam, and less targeted ads.